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Welcome to Virtual Learning Environment of Sir Syed College Taliparamba. Sir Syed college, a centre of higher education named after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to perpetuate the memory of the pioneer of Muslim Educational Movement in India, is committed to the cause of transforming the social fabric of North Malabar through the expansion of the secular educational structure.Sir Syed college was established by the Cannanore District Muslim Education Association (Regd.) in 1967 mainly to impart moral and liberal education to the educationally backward Muslims of north malabar region.The college start functioning as a junior college under the University of Kerala in 1967. Subsequently it came under the university of Calicut in 1968 and under the Kannur university in 1996.

Moodle @ Sir Syed College Taliparamba is used to support teaching and learning process.  This suite includes various tools for the creation of online materials and number of tool kits for assessment and evaluation. 

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    This course introduce students to creative writing.

    This course helps students training in ICT

    The branch of statistics devoted to the summarization and description of data is called descriptive statistics and the branch of statistics concerned with using sample data to make an inference about a population of data is called inferential statistics

    This course is specifically for B. Tech. Third Semester Chemical Engineering. It is also useful for B. Sc. Chemistry students.

    The aim of the course is to

    (i) To impart the basic concept of  organic Chemistry

    (ii) To develop understanding about concepts on organic reaction

    financial markets and services

    This course is intended to help the learners to use English Language confidently.

    The course is for MSc II semester students . In this course we are mainly dealing with Pericyclic reactions and Chemistry of polymers and bio polymers

    General Informatics - General Paper

    Target Group: BSc/BCom/BA Students

    Affiliated University: Calicut University